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Corporate Advisory

Jackson Cross Partners has assisted numerous Fortune 100 and smaller companies in implementing ongoing FASB compliance, change management and maintenance processes.

Lease Accounting

With limited internal resources and time, companies need a partner that can provide best practice solutions to the challenge of compliance with the new lease accounting rules.

Beyond Compliance

Now that the initial FASB/IASB compliance is in progress, it’s time to shift attention to using the data collected more effectively. For more than a decade, Jackson Cross Partners (JCP) has consulted with some of the most recognized companies in the world to change the process and improve the business model.

Corporate Real Estate Strategies | Brokerage Services

Jackson Cross Partners is a consultative corporate real estate company. With its cross-functional Advisory Services team, JCP is a premier provider of corporate portfolio management, lease accounting expertise and advanced financial structures for asset management. JCP offers abstraction, data integrity management, portfolio administration, and AP/AR services.

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“It’s really important to be able to know what your rights and obligations are within your lease portfolio. Do you have an option to renew a contract or expand? Is there a termination option? If you’re forced to read leases while doing this analysis, you’re going to be behind the curve.”

Lou Battagliese, SIOR & Founding Partner Jackson Cross Partners

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