In-house implementation services

We've raised the bar when it comes to lease accounting, administration and implementation of your Visual Lease software. As a customer you can expect to receive structured, streamlined implementation services.

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What you get

Your platform should work the way you need to. It should be easy to use and reflect your unique business terminology. That's why when it comes to setting up your lease accounting and administration platform, we take it seriously. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure every Visual Lease customer has a reliable, hands-on implementation process.

Designated implementation managers

Experts at setting up your Visual Lease system, our in-house Implementation Managers will guide and support you through every phase of implementation.

Best practice guidance

With over 1,500+ customers and 25+ years of lease administration software experience, Visual Lease offers unmatched lease accounting platform expertise. We have embedded knowledge to help you employ industry best practices throughout implementation set up.

Identified project milestones

With Visual Lease, you get a clear picture of each step of implementation. We work with you to clearly define your business’ lease accounting goals and document a project plan to meet your needs right from the start.

Ongoing communications

Our approach to implementation is to ensure you achieve the most success through consistent communication. We are committed to keeping you engaged throughout the entire process and answering any questions you may have.

Our implementation process

Our main goal of implementation is to provide you with a reliable lease accounting and administration platform in a timely manner. From the initial phase to go-live, we'll work closely with you to make sure your system meets your specific needs.

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Platform configurations

Highly flexible, our platform will capture your lease data and make it work the way you need it to. Our team will help you create configurable fields that reflect your organization’s terminology and needs and provide guidance along the way.

Validation and testing

Ensure your system works the way it should before going live. We vigorously test your platform configurations and validate your platform is set up in a way that works for you, so you can be confident in your data.

Data migration

We offer various options to choose from when importing your existing data into the Visual Lease platform. Whether you select manual entry, import templates or abstracting services, our team makes sure your system is set up to easily access your lease data.

Training and support

We are committed to your success. That's why our training and support services begin during the implementation phase and continue to service you as you transition into a customer. From webinars, videos, help desk and more, Visual Lease is committed to providing a great customer experience.