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Founded in 2000 by former Big 4 professionals, CFGI is an established industry leader with the resources to successfully navigate today’s complex accounting, reporting, tax and compliance landscape. An assemblage of top-flight professionals with in-depth public accounting expertise, CFGI is able to fulfill a variety of client needs without the restrictions of auditor independence. With a foundation of knowledge amassed while serving a variety of industries, CFGI is able to guide companies through a wide range of routine and complex business scenarios. The resulting partnership is an innovative resource with the power to address your most crucial accounting, finance and operational challenges.

Supporting the Office of the CFO

CFGI delivers hybrid, cross-functional solutions that realize clients’ unique needs and objectives and solve their most complex problems. We were founded to be a partner to the CFO and see ourselves as an extension of your organization. We’re dedicated to delivering finance solutions that will continue to generate value long after implementation.

  • Private equity
  • Accounting advisory
  • Corporate tax
  • Interim management
  • Robotic process automation
  • Business transformation
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Valuation services
  • IPO readiness
  • Risk management

CFGI is the leading non-audit accounting and finance advisory firm to the Office of the CFO. Since its founding over 20 years ago, CFGI has become the nation’s leading independent advisor, assisting companies with effective compliance and continuous operational improvement. CFGI’s team of over 650 professionals serves thousands of clients across its 12 offices, leveraging their expertise in capital markets, accounting and tax advisory, technology, risk management, valuation and business process transformation. To learn more, visit

Features and Benefits

Embedded lease management

Separate the contract into its lease and non-lease components and allocate consideration to each.

Third-party integrations

Integrate data into Visual Lease and export lease data into any system with secure managed file transfers and real-time APIs via the Integrations Hub.

CAM/OpEx auditing

Set up rules for your lease expenses, and audit them against invoices to track inappropriate charges and ensure you do not overpay for invoices or statements.

Currency calculations

Manage unlimited currencies and convert to a single currency when running reports.

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